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5 Tipps, wie Du das Sommerloch effektiv nutzt

21. Juni 2019
Schon seit Mai werden wir mit sommerlichen Temperaturen verwöhnt. Wer hat da schon Lust online zu shoppen, wo man die Zeit doch auch am See oder beim BBQ etc. verbringen kann? Wie Du das Sommerloch trotzdem effektiv nutzt, verraten wir...

Braintree Integration for Progressive Web Apps with Magento Helps Merchants Quickly Expand Their Payment Experience

20. Juni 2019
From the very beginning, developer experience has been a priority for Magento in an effort to lower total cost of ownership and time to market. Progressive Web Apps give shoppers app-like, highly personalized cross-channel experiences that were once reserved for native...

DSGVO – Warum ein AV-Vertrag für Händler nötig ist

19. Juni 2019
Was genau sind personenbezogene Daten? Wann darf ich diese verarbeiten? Und wie muss ich meine Endkunden darüber informieren? Unser Partner Shipcloud gibt in folgendem Gastartikel Antworten auf diese Fragen.

Strong Interest in Amazon Sales Channel Ahead of Prime Day

18. Juni 2019
How Magento brands and merchants can optimize their Amazon Prime Day strategy

Magento Innovations Lab Round Five & Sneaks are Coming to MagentoLive Europe 2019

18. Juni 2019
A select number of innovations from this round will have the opportunity to present their solution LIVE on the keynote stage

Harness the power of blocks with WooCommerce Bookings Availability

13. Juni 2019
We’re excited to announce the arrival of WooCommerce Bookings Availability, a new add-on extension for WooCommerce Bookings. A long-time request from users on the ideas board, our team has worked tirelessly over the past few months to make it a...

Shopware 5.6 erscheint im Juli – das sind die neuen Features

12. Juni 2019
Shopware 5.6 kommt! Mit dem Release nähert sich Shopware 5 an Shopware 6 an. Technische Neuerungen, neue Key Features und Updates erwarten Dich.

Payment im E-Commerce – Deine Chance auf mehr Umsatz

11. Juni 2019
Unser Technologie Partner ratenkauf by easyCredit erklärt Dir im Blog, wie Du Deinen Shop optimieren und konkurrenzfähig gestalten kannst.

Introducing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)*

10. Juni 2019
Learn more about Strong Customer Authentication and how to set up your online store for success. The post Introducing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)* appeared first on WooCommerce.

Mit passendem Lagerplatzsystem und optimaler Kommissionierungsstrategie Zeit …

6. Juni 2019
Unser Partner Pickware zeigt Dir im folgenden Gastartikel, welche Strategie für Deine Lager- und Versandprozesse geeignet ist und wie Du diese im Rahmen einer barcodebasierten Prozessführung optimal umsetzt.

Progressive Webapps im eCommerce – lohnt sich das?

4. Juni 2019
Progressive Webapps sind ein aktuelles Buzzword und ein absolutes Trend-Thema im eCommerce. Erfahre mehr über PWAs und wie Du diese sinnvoll nutzen kannst.

Quickstart mit Shopware 6 für Windows und MacOs Nutzer

3. Juni 2019
Ihr seid Windows oder MacOs Nutzer und sucht nach einer schnellen Möglichkeit Shopware 6 aufzusetzen? Dieser Beitrag zeigt euch wie das funktioniert.

Expanding the Experience at Imagine 2019

29. Mai 2019
Highlights from another amazing event

Das war der Shopware Community Day 2019

29. Mai 2019
Entdeckt jetzt die Highlights des Shopware Community Days 2019!

Shopware Partner Award 2019

27. Mai 2019
Im Rahmen des Shopware Community Day, wurden zum zweiten Mal in der Shopware Geschichte die Shopware Partner Awards verliehen. Erfahrt in unserem Blog, welche Agenturen sich den Sieg sichern konnten.

Migrating to Magento 2: What 2 Know

24. Mai 2019
For Magento 1 users considering a move to Magento 2, this overview provides guidance on functionality, expected costs, and timelines to help you decide how to approach your migration off of Magento 1 and when you should kickoff the project...

Prospress Joins Automattic to Jointly Develop WooCommerce Subscriptions

23. Mai 2019
If you’ve used WooCommerce Subscriptions to sell anything from pet food to nail polish; if you’ve automated your marketing with AutomateWoo; if you’ve tested checkout with Robot Ninja—then you’ve been served by the expertise and passion of the Prospress team....

Shopware 6 – Your freedom to grow

23. Mai 2019
Mehr Flexibilität. Weniger Komplexität. Eine Technologie. Das ist Shopware 6.

Performance-Optimierung am Kundenbeispiel des Shops von Bibis Beautypalace

22. Mai 2019
Performance und Geschwindigkeit zählen zu dem A und O in einem Onlineshop. Erfahre hier, wie Du Deine Performance optimieren kannst.

Creating personalized adventure books with your child as the star – the story of Bang On Books

17. Mai 2019
Reading has the power to spark children’s imaginations, transporting them to magical places where anything is possible. Taking this idea a step further, Bang On Books personalized adventure books fully immerse kids in stories where they become the main character...

How Wildlabs Customized WooCommerce for an Auckland-based Flower Studio Specializing in Bespoke Bouquets

16. Mai 2019
It’s not easy to stand out on the internet these days. Wildlabs is a small web agency in New Zealand that’s passionate about helping businesses to be – in the truest sense of the word – outstanding. Flwr is one...

Adobe Showcases Labs Innovations for eCommerce

15. Mai 2019
At the Imagine Conference, Adobe will give a sneak peek into eCommerce innovations coming out of R&D.; Attendees get an exclusive look at technology that will impact the industry most and what it means for their business.

Study Shows Migrating To Magento Commerce 2 Drives Revenue Growth

15. Mai 2019
Craig Peasley shares the results from Stax study that evaluates the business value associated with a Magento Commerce 2 migration.

We’re Committed to Helping You Realize the Power of Commerce — Without Limits

15. Mai 2019
Highlights from General Session 2 at Adobe’s IMAGINE 2019 event in Las Vegas.

Magento Innovations Lab Round 4 Showcase

14. Mai 2019
We launched the Magento Innovations Lab to spotlight the exceptional, bleeding-edge work that the Magento Community is doing. From merchandising to customer service to payments (and more), these innovations are truly creating exceptional customer experiences for Magento merchants. Please join...

Customers Big & Small Can ‘Expand The Experience’ With Adobe + Magento

14. Mai 2019
Highlights from General Session 1 at Adobe’s Imagine 2019 event in Las Vegas

2019 Partner Award Winners: Magento Technology Partners

14. Mai 2019
Drumroll, please…

2019 Partner Award Winners: Magento Solution Partners

14. Mai 2019
Put your hands together…

Praxistipp: Kundenbindung und Umsatz steigern mit dem Net Promoter SystemⓇ

14. Mai 2019
Alle Unternehmen verlieren Kunden – und das jeden Monat. Betrachtet man alle Transaktionen pro Monat, enden rund 15 Prozent dieser Transaktionen mit einem Kundenverlust. Unser Shopware Technologie Partner Zenloop erklärt in folgendem Gastbeitrag wie dem mit Hilfe des Net Promo…

Google Shopping Ads Channel in Magento Delivers a Fully Integrated, End-to-End Google Advertising Solution

13. Mai 2019
Seamlessly connect Magento stores to both the Google Merchant Center and Google Ads

Amazon Sales Channel in Magento Enables Merchants to Expand Customer Reach and Grow Revenue

13. Mai 2019
Amazon Sales Channel effectively removes the barriers to entry for merchants trying to gain a foothold on Amazon

Adobe Delivers Commerce Advances for Small and Mid-Market Businesses

13. Mai 2019
Companies across B2C and B2B need to engage their customers wherever they are, react faster to their changing needs and improve the experiences they deliver based on actionable insights. At Imagine 2019 this week, we announced an important update to...

Why You Should Test Your "Tried and True" eCommerce Features

9. Mai 2019
Early results from this quarter’s Magento Community Initiative are in!

Pre-Employment Testing: How VerifyWP are Making it Easier to Hire The Right WordPress Developer

9. Mai 2019
Do you know how to hire the right developer? This is the question VerifyWP shines some light on, with regards to technical WordPress developers. A Problem That Hit Close to Home The problem of finding and hiring really great WordPress...

Forsa Umfrage zeigt: Bargeldloses Bezahlen im Trend

9. Mai 2019
Münzen und Scheine: Die einen wollen darauf auf keinen Fall verzichten. Die anderen empfinden Bargeld als lästig und zahlen lieber mit Karte oder Smartphone. Doch wie steht es tatsächlich um die Liebe der Deutschen zum Bargeld? Eine Umfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstituts...

Community Insider Program Year in Review

9. Mai 2019
And what’s new in 2019

Magento Community Speaker Workshop

7. Mai 2019
Bringing the Adobe For All mission to our industry

How to save time and correctly handle WooCommerce accounting and inventory

3. Mai 2019
According to a 2018 US Bank study, bad cash flow management and a poor understanding of accounting and finance are the leading roadblocks to business success. Feel like you may be part of this statistic? This article aims to expand...

How Mediotype Passed a Whopping 57 Certifications

3. Mai 2019
A Magento U Success Story

Infographic: Imagine by the Numbers

1. Mai 2019
Expand the Experience at Imagine 2019

10 Reasons To Drop What You Are Doing And Register For Imagine—NOW

1. Mai 2019
It’s that time of the year again: Imagine 2019, now in its 9th year, taking place May 12-May 15 in Las Vegas. And, in case you didn’t know, it is the premier commerce event. The goal is simple—to inspire, advance,...

Social Shopping auf Instagram sorgt für Absatz

30. April 2019
Social Shopping ist einer der großen Trends im eCommerce, in dessen Fokus Instagram aufgrund des raschen Wachstums und der visuellen Ausrichtung steht.

Magento U at Imagine 2019

25. April 2019
Magento 2 courses, certifications, special discounts, and more!

6 Tipps für einen optimierten Checkout-Prozess

25. April 2019
Studien haben gezeigt, dass die durchschnittliche Abbruchrate in Online-Shops 69% beträgt. Das heißt 2 von 3 Kunden legen zwar Produkte in den Warenkorb, schließen den Kauf jedoch nie ab. Unser Shopware Technologie Partner Amazon Pay erklärt Dir mehr über die...

Transforming Customer Experience in B2B: 5 Experts Weigh In

24. April 2019
B2B buyer expectations are shifting toward eCommerce. Here’s what that means for B2B vendors

Kundenservice Skalierung: Umsatz & Kundenzufriedenheit steigern

23. April 2019
Erfolgreiche E-Commerce Unternehmen legen heutzutage großen Wert auf eine perfekte Kundenzufriedenheit. Genau das erfordert aber die Erreichbarkeit auf verschiedenen Kanälen, meist in verschiedenen Sprachen zu immer längeren Servicezeiten. Der Shopware Partner Salesupply zeigt…

Inside Atwix: the #1 Contributor to Magento

22. April 2019
Behind the scenes with Viacheslav “Slava” Kravchuk and his team

A Farewell Message from Mark Lavelle

18. April 2019
„I’ve had the great privilege of helping guide Magento to where it is today.“

5 Tips for Getting Started With Cross-Border Commerce Today

18. April 2019
Expanding into new countries is a proven way to grow your business. By 2022, consumers shopping online with merchants outside their home country will account for 17.3% of all online spending, according to 451 Research.[1] And consumers everywhere are increasingly...

Increase Sales With These Market-Expansion Strategies

18. April 2019
Expanding into new markets brings great opportunities and sometimes unexpected challenges. Here are some areas to research before deciding the next steps for your business. Though the world has become more interconnected thanks to the internet, air travel, and other...

Time-Tracking Dice to Help You Prioritize the Important Things

17. April 2019
From closed beta to successfully-funded Kickstarter to start-up with $1 million in funding, Timeular is on a mission to help people track their time and make it count with a multi-sided, customizable device. Raise your hand if you could do...

Boost Your Store’s Performance and Pages with WooCommerce 3.6

17. April 2019
Much has been happening behind the scenes at WooCommerce since the release of 3.5 in October 2018. The team has been working hard on a variety of improvements that are now available in WooCommerce 3.6. Two key features will make...

Safety First für Dein Business: Worauf Du als Onlinehändler achten solltest

16. April 2019
Fallstricke gibt es im Onlinehandel viele. Ob Datenschutz, Abmahnungen oder neue Regelungen wie das Verpackungsgesetz – ein Verstoß gegen eine der vielen Verordnungen oder eine Rechtsverletzung kann schnell teuer werden. Unser Shopware Partner gibt Dir einen Überblick…

#RoadtoImagine 2019: Capturing Exceptional Experiences

16. April 2019
Share the commerce experiences that have wowed and inspired you over the past 12 months

Searching for the Right Extensions to Grow Your Store? Our Marketplace Suggestions are Here to Help

15. April 2019
With the release of WooCommerce 3.6—along with eight new WooCommerce product blocks and a ton of performance upgrades—we’re launching a new feature that will make it easier for you to find extensions to help grow your store. Introducing: Marketplace Suggestions...

Announcing the 2019 Community Spirit Award Winners

11. April 2019
You’re going to Vegas, baby!

5 Characteristics of A Channel-Less Customer Experience

10. April 2019
73 percent of consumers want order tracking across all touchpoints but only 7 percent of retailers can deliver it. Learn what customers want most from omnichannel retail brands, then use this information to help your eCommerce site excel.

Bookings 1.14.0 – REST API Edition

10. April 2019
Today we’re excited to announce that WooCommerce Bookings 1.14.0 has been released! Release Highlights Bookings 1.14.0 is our second minor release for WooCommerce Bookings in 2019 and our focus for this release was primarily focused on behind the scenes infrastructure...

Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Fashion E-Commerce: Globale Daten, Trends und Einbl…

9. April 2019
Um Fashion E-Commerce-Unternehmen zu helfen ihren Onlinehandel erfolgreicher zu gestalten, hat unser Technologie Partner Nosto das detaillierte Nutzerverhalten von 1,2 Milliarden Website-Besuchen bei Onlineshops innerhalb der Fashion-Branche analysiert – mit spannenden Ergebni…

2019 Imagine Excellence Awards Finalists Announced

5. April 2019
We are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2019 Imagine Excellence Awards

WooCommerce Admin: A New Central Dashboard for WooCommerce

5. April 2019
Our team is proud to announce a ‘feature plugin’ that introduces a new dashboard for WooCommerce from which store owners can manage and monitor all key reporting metrics. WooCommerce Admin is ready for the world so everyone can start benefiting...

Serial Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk to Keynote Imagine 2019

4. April 2019
We are excited to announce that best-selling author and CEO of VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuk will appear live at Imagine 2019, on May 13-15 in Las Vegas.

A Heritage Brand With Big Impact: How Wine Group Brown Brothers Grew Their Online Presence With WooCommerce

4. April 2019
Established in 1889, wine brand Brown Brothers have become renowned for not only their vintage wines, but their historic vineyard that hosts countless events for loyal customers. Naturally, the Brown family wanted their company’s online wine store to be just...

Performance Improvements in WooCommerce 3.6 to Speed Up Stores

3. April 2019
Alongside the new product blocks available in WooCommerce 3.6, we made a series of performance improvements in the front and back end to speed up performance. Read on to see how these changes will improve both the management and shopping...

Artikel 13 und das neue Urheberrecht: Das müssen Shopbetreiber jetzt wissen

3. April 2019
Das Interview liefert Betreibern von Onlineshop gebündelt alle Informationen zu Artikel 13 und den Auswirkungen auf den Onlinehandel.

Boost Conversion Rates with Data-Driven Improvements

3. April 2019
This article is part of our ongoing Mobile Optimization Initiative series designed to help Magento merchants close the mobile revenue gap.

Newsletter zu Ostern: Tipps & Tricks für Deine erfolgreiche Oster-Kampagne

2. April 2019
Mit welchen Osteraktionen Du Deine Newsletter-Empfänger überraschen kannst und was Du sonst noch bei der Erstellung Ihrer Oster-Kampagne beachten solltest, erfährst Du im Interview mit Johannes Kohlmann von Newsletter2Go.

Integrate Content and Commerce with WooCommerce Product Blocks

1. April 2019
Combining content and commerce has long been a benefit of using WooCommerce and WordPress. In WooCommerce 3.6, we are taking this a step further by introducing eight new product blocks that allow insertion of products on any post or page...

Unveiling Adobe Commerce Cloud at Adobe Summit 2019

27. März 2019
At Adobe Summit this week, we shared how we’re continuing to execute on our vision and strategy to empower companies of all sizes with the capabilities to make every brand interaction personal and every experience shoppable 

5 Brands That Centered Digital Transformation Around Customers

26. März 2019
“Powerful experiences change the way we think, interact, entertain, work, and relate to the world around us,” Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen told a record 17,000 attendees at Summit, in Las Vegas. “And the impact of these experiences spans from the...

Minimum Viable Product – Diese Mehrwerte bietet Dir ein agiles Projektvorgehen

26. März 2019
Unser Shopware Enterprise Partner Nexus United erklärt Dir im Blog, worum es sich bei einem MVP handelt und welche Vorteile Dir agile Projektmethoden bieten.

Adobe Announces Next Generation of the Adobe Exchange Application Marketplace

25. März 2019
Empowering Customers & Partners to Easily Extend and Enhance Adobe Product. At Adobe Summit, Adobe introduced the next generation of Adobe Exchange to advance the development and management of technology partners’ applications and integrations with Adobe solutions.

Adobe Celebrates Strong Ecosystem Momentum at Summit 2019

25. März 2019
Adobe celebrated the growth and contribution of its expanded global ecosystem, which now includes nearly 13,000 solution integrator, agency, technology, and marketplace partners and more than 300,000 developers. Adobe saw 74% growth in partner participation in the Adobe Exchange marketplace. Read...

Google Shopping Ads – A Must

21. März 2019
Get your products to the top of the world’s most powerful search engine with WooCommerce’s automated Google Shopping advertising extension. How do People Find Products Today? How do you find a specific product you’re looking to purchase? Where do you...

Neues Verpackungsgesetz: So können Abmahnungen vermieden werden

21. März 2019
Am 1. Januar 2019 trat das neue Verpackungsgesetz in Kraft. Welchen Pflichten Du als Onlinehändler nachkommen musst und wie kostspielige Abmahnungen vermieden werden können.

Magento Masters Attending Adobe Summit 2019 as Commerce Influencers

21. März 2019
Follow along to get insider access and perspectives on the event

French VAT Fraud Prevention Laws: How to Certify Invoices with WooCommerce

20. März 2019
You may need to have all your invoices and credit notes certified if you’re based in France and have an online store using WooCommerce. You’re probably asking yourself: Why must invoices and credit notes be certified? Do these rules apply...

Praxistipp: Factoring vs. Inkasso

19. März 2019
In folgendem Gastartikel erklärt unser Partner der Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH die Unterschiede zwischen Factoring und Inkasso, wie Factoring funktioniert und welche Vorteile Factoring Dir im Rahmen des Onlinehandel bietet.

6 Mobile Trends That Could Change Commerce Forever

19. März 2019
The vast majority of Americans–95%–own a mobile phone, and these devices are now officially the most popular way to shop online, according to the Pew Research Center. Take a look at the Mobile trends driving revenue. 

Introducing the Technology Partner Contribution Program

14. März 2019
To further support Partner contributions to code, special projects, and the entire community, we are expanding with a new Technology Partner Contribution Program

Group Shopping: Mit dem Tupper-Prinzip Warenkörbe vergrößern

14. März 2019
Unser Shopware Technologie Partner Groupify stellt Dir im Gastartikel das Prinzip des Social Mobile Shopping vor und erklärt, wie Du die effizientesten Strategien direkt bei Dir im Shop einsetzen kannst.

what3words is Building a New Global Addressing Standard

12. März 2019
When Chris Sheldrick started a business organizing live music events, he noticed that people got physically lost all the time. It was so common, frustrating, and bad for business – you can’t afford bands or instruments being late to gigs...

Umsatztiefs vermeiden – Vier Tipps gegen Umsatzflauten

11. März 2019
Die letzten Feiertage sind kaum vorbei, da stehen die nächsten schon wieder vor die Tür und viele Verbraucher haben immer noch die Nase voll vom Trubel, Werbung und sämtlichen Rabattaktionen. Unser Shopware Technologie Partner Amazon Pay gibt im Gastartikel Tipps,...

Magento Innovations Lab Round 3 Showcase

8. März 2019
The latest cutting-edge innovations from the Magento Community

eCommerce: Nervfaktoren reduzieren & Conversion optimieren

7. März 2019
Genervte Kunden, niedrige Conversion Rates, fehlende Umsätze: Zahlreiche Stolpersteine bergen Nervfaktoren, die sich negativ auf Dein Geschäft auswirken. Unser Technologiepartner uptain zeigt Dir die häufigsten Fehler auf und bietet Lösungsvorschläge.

ECommerce Conversion Rate Optimization 2019: Best Practices

1. März 2019
If there’s one certainty about the start of a new year, it is rife with new predictions. Made by everyone from thought leaders to corporations, predictions related to business generally forecast new trends about to hit the industry. And while...

Warum Chatbots das Shop-Frontend von Morgen sein werden

28. Februar 2019
Dialogbasierte Systeme, entweder per Text oder auch per Sprache, sind aus unserem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. Welche Marketing- und Vertriebspotenziale Chatbots bieten, erklärt Dir unser Partner Pixup Media.

Warum Chatbots das Shop-Frotend von Morgen sein werden

28. Februar 2019
Dialogbasierte Systeme, entweder per Text oder auch per Sprache, sind aus unserem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. Welche Marketing- und Vertriebspotentiale Chatbots bieten, erklärt Dir unser Partner Pixup Media.

Why Mobile Shoppers Prefer a Simplified Checkout Process

21. Februar 2019
3 Key Findings from the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative

Requirements Engineering – Tipps für ein erfolgreiches Anforderungsmanagement

20. Februar 2019
Unser Enterprise Partner Netformic gibt Dir wichtige Tipps in Sachen Anforderungsmanagement für Deinen Projekterfolg.

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