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Setting Yourself Up for Success with Page Builder

12. Oktober 2019
Best practices to ensure that your teams are taking advantage of the full potential of Page Builder

How to Know Your eCommerce Business Is Ready for the Holiday Season

10. Oktober 2019
The year-end holiday season is no small event. We all know it’s one of the busiest seasons of the year for almost everyone: preparing for large meals, shopping for friends and family, decorating, and countless events. If you’re a business...

Shopware 6 Kunde CLEW bei "Die Höhle der Löwen"

10. Oktober 2019
Der erste Shopware 6 Kunde und die „Höhle der Löwen“ Teilnehmer CLEW erzählt uns im Interview alles über das innovative Geschäftsmodell und wie sie sich auf den TV-Pitch vorbereitet haben.

Four Merchants Win Big Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP System with Magento Commerce

9. Oktober 2019
Four diverse businesses found a common solution by integrating Magento Commerce with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP

What is the Key to Social Selling? Get Your Product Content Right

9. Oktober 2019
Nearly 3.5 billion people around the world use social media to find new brand and make eCommerce purchases. Make sure your product information is on point if you want to sell on social. 

Why Service-Based Businesses Should Use WooCommerce

8. Oktober 2019
Learn how to run a more efficient online business; enjoy unlimited, customized options; and delight your customers when you sell services with WooCommerce. The post Why Service-Based Businesses Should Use WooCommerce appeared first on WooCommerce.

Why You Should Attend WooSesh 2019

3. Oktober 2019
Last year we welcomed the inaugural WooSesh to the world – an entirely virtual event for WooCommerce professionals. More than 1,400 people attended live with another 1,400 joining afterwards to watch the event recordings. It was a lot of fun!...

How to Increase Customer Loyalty Using Three WooCommerce Extensions

3. Oktober 2019
Building customer loyalty online can be difficult. See how three WooCommerce extensions enable you to engage and delight your customers. The post How to Increase Customer Loyalty Using Three WooCommerce Extensions appeared first on WooCommerce.

Improve Your Efficiency with these Workflow Tools

2. Oktober 2019
If you want to run a more profitable online store, you’ll need to work more efficiently. Learn how to automate your workflow to save time, money and stress. The post Improve Your Efficiency with these Workflow Tools appeared first on...

Shopware 5.6 – Darum solltest Du jetzt updaten!

2. Oktober 2019
Shopware 5.6 wartet auf Dich! Warum Du jetzt updaten solltest.

Shop Usability Award 2019: Diese Shopware-Shops stehen im Finale

2. Oktober 2019
Die Shortlist des begehrten Shop Usability Awards steht. Satte 25 Shopware-Shops haben den Sprung in das Finale geschafft und zählen schon jetzt zu den besten Onlineshops.

Shop Usability Award 2019: Diese Shopware Shops stehen im Finale

2. Oktober 2019
Die Shortlist des begehrten Shop Usability Awards steht. Satte 23 Shopware-Shops haben den Sprung in das Finale geschafft und zählen schon jetzt zu den besten Onlineshops.

Reach More Customers with Pinterest and Google Shopping

1. Oktober 2019
Reach more customers to grow your eCommerce business by automating your advertising on Pinterest and Google Shopping. Learn how to send custom emails to shoppers. The post Reach More Customers with Pinterest and Google Shopping appeared first on WooCommerce.

The Importance of Keeping Bookings and Appointments On Your Site

27. September 2019
If your business relies on scheduling customers, you should have a booking system on your own website. Read how it improves your operations and revenue. The post The Importance of Keeping Bookings and Appointments On Your Site appeared first on...

DSGVO: Müssen Datenschutzhinweise in die E-Mail-Signatur?

26. September 2019
Die DSGVO sorgt in vielen Bereichen noch immer für Unsicherheiten. Unser Partner IT-Recht Kanzlei klärt in diesem Blogbeitrag darüber auf, inwiefern Du Datenschutzhinweise in E-Mail-Signaturen einbinden solltest.

Improve Member Retention: Nine Ways to Build Engagement and Loyalty

24. September 2019
Improve member retention by engaging with customers and developing deeper brand loyalty. Discover these nine fantastic ways to boost your retention rate. The post Improve Member Retention: Nine Ways to Build Engagement and Loyalty appeared first on WooCommerce.

Der Unterschied zwischen "Einkaufen" und "Shoppen"

24. September 2019
Onlineshop-Betreiber können sich selbst gegen Giganten am Markt behaupten, wenn sie den Unterschied zwischen Shoppen und Einkaufen erkennen. Unser Partner Groupify erklärt, wieso.

Weniger Kaufabbrüche dank optimierter Bezahlseite

19. September 2019
Unser Partner PayPal gibt einen Überblick darüber, was Onlineshop-Betreiber hinsichtlich der Bezahlseite alles richtig und falsch machen können.

The Democratization of Industrial Automation and Robotics

19. September 2019
As robots get more affordable and accessible for a wider range of companies, logistics providers are finding innovative new ways to incorporate them into their operations in order to help shippers run streamlined, industrial automated supply chains.

Externes Fulfillment vs. eigenes Lager: Welche Strategie ist besser?

17. September 2019
Vor dieser Frage steht jeder Händler: Die Logistik komplett selbst übernehmen oder lieber einen Fulfillment-Dienstleister engagieren? Unser Partner Pickware erläutert, wann welche Strategie für wen sinnvoll ist.

Externes Fulfilment vs. eigenes Lager: Welche Strategie ist besser?

17. September 2019
Vor dieser Frage steht jeder Händler: Die Logistik komplett selbst übernehmen oder lieber einen Fulfilment-Dienstleister engagieren? Unser Partner Pickware erläutert, wann welche Strategie für wen sinnvoll ist.

Product Packaging: Exceed Customer Expectations to Gain Loyal Followers and Repeat Business

12. September 2019
Creative product packaging can help your online store stand out and keep subscription customers engaged. Read these tips to grow your business! The post Product Packaging: Exceed Customer Expectations to Gain Loyal Followers and Repeat Business appeared first on WooCommerce.

Erlebniswelten: Content Management in Shopware 6

12. September 2019
Die Shopware Erlebniswelten heben die Verbindung von Content und Commerce in Shopware 6 auf ein neues Niveau.

Introducing New Capabilities to Magento Business Intelligence

12. September 2019
SMBs can now harness the power of business intelligence to make informed decisions that impact their customer experience and bottom line

How to Improve Bounce Rate

10. September 2019
What is a good bounce rate? Learn how to measure and improve bounce rate to keep visitors and increase your eCommerce sales. The post How to Improve Bounce Rate appeared first on WooCommerce.

PSD2 und starke Kundenauthentifizierung – alles, was Du zum Thema wissen musst

10. September 2019
Der Begriff PSD2 ist verstärkt in den Nachrichten zu hören, denn zum 14. September treten wichtige Neuerungen in Kraft. Unser Partner Amazon Pay erklärt Dir, was PSD2 konkret bedeutet – und wie sich die Überarbeitung der Zahlungsdienst-Richtlinie auf Deinen Onlineshop...

Optimizing Your Magento Commerce Site for the 2019 Holiday Season

6. September 2019
Tips that Merchants who use Magento Commerce should consider employing to ensure a robust digital holiday season

The Complete Guide to Starting an Online Clothing Store with WooCommerce

5. September 2019
If you’ve recently started a clothing boutique or fashion store, or you’re moving to WooCommerce from another platform, getting started may seem a little overwhelming. This guide was designed to walk you through the setup process, teach you to create...

Mit Videos den Produktabsatz steigern – so platzierst Du Dich mit hochwertige…

5. September 2019
Der Shopware Solution Partner TWT Interactive erklärt in diesem Expertenbeitrag die Vorteile des Video-Marketings, was es dabei zu beachten gilt und wie Du eine langfristig erfolgreiche Strategie aufstellst.

A Guide to WooCommerce User Roles, Permissions, and Security

4. September 2019
When giving people access to your website, it’s important to maintain full control, while still allowing your employees, contractors, and volunteers to do their jobs effectively.  There are a few important steps you should take to accomplish this. We’ll look...

Headless E-Commerce: Buzzword oder echter Mehrwert für Shopbetreiber?

3. September 2019
Bei eCommerce- und CMS-Systemen der aktuellen Generation geht der Trend erkennbar zu sogenannten “Headless-Lösungen”. Was sich hinter dem Begriff verbirgt, welchen Mehrwert die Neuerung Onlineshop-Betreibern bietet und wie Shopware 6 auf Headless E-Commerce vorbereitet ist, fa…

Why Your Store’s FAQ Page is More Important Than You Think

29. August 2019
The Frequently Asked Questions page on your site is more than just a resource for customer inquiries. If used correctly, it can greatly increase your conversion rate, improve customer loyalty, and save your business countless customer service hours.  It’s the...

Series 6 Early Access: The Perfect Shopping Experience Everywhere

29. August 2019
Shopware 6 offers buyers a sophisticated user experience and a perfect customer journey. In the third and last part of the Shopware 6 series, we are addressing the issues of storefront, sales channels and content commerce.

Ready to integrate Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Magento Commerce?

28. August 2019
When you’re ready to add eCommerce to your business mix—and you’re serious about growth—you need a best-in-class eCommerce platform. Use this 10-step checklist to start building your ERP integration strategy. 

Rethinking Placement & Price in the Age of the Amazon Buy Box

28. August 2019
Harness the power of the Amazon Buy Box and turn your company into a selling machine with Magento’s Amazon Sales Channel

Why You Should Consider Letting Your Customers Name Their Own Price

27. August 2019
Nine ways to use Name Your Price to improve the customer experience and increase revenue Allowing your customers to choose what they’re willing to pay for your products and services may seem a bit counterintuitive.  After all, why would a...

Serie 6 Early Access: Überall das perfekte Kauferlebnis

22. August 2019
Shopware 6 bietet den Käufern eine durchdachte User Experience und eine perfekte Customer Journey. Im dritten und letzten Teil der Shopware 6-Reihe widmen wir uns den Themen Storefront, Verkaufskanäle und Content Commerce.

Vue Storefront – die PWA für Shopware 6

20. August 2019
Shopware 6 setzt verstärkt auf API-Lösungen, die eine Basis für Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) bilden. In diesem Artikel stellen wir Dir Vue Storefront vor – erfahre mehr über die Vorteile und die Zielgruppen dieser PWA-Lösung von Divante.

MagentoLive 2019 Guide to Amsterdam

17. August 2019
With its rich history as an international trade hub, Amsterdam is the perfect place for our eCommerce event, MagentoLive Europe 2019, and there’s also a wealth of museums, restaurants, and nightspots to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions from our local...

Help Customers Discover Your Products with these New WooCommerce Blocks

15. August 2019
WooCommerce and WordPress have been making steady strides toward combining content and commerce in a way that allows stores to better serve customers. In the upcoming release of WooCommerce 3.7, we continue that trend by including three new Product Blocks...

Make Your Store Faster and More Flexible with WooCommerce 3.7

15. August 2019
We are pleased to announce that WooCommerce 3.7 has been released! Similar to our previous release back in April, WooCommerce 3.7 focuses on performance improvements while adding new WooCommerce Product Blocks and enhancing existing ones. This update also increases the...

Utilize Google Search Console to Improve Your Store’s Visibility

15. August 2019
Google Search Console is a powerful, free tool that can help online store owners have a healthy, search-engine-friendly website.  It was created to help you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google search results by alerting you to errors,...

Shopware 6 Early Access: Das erwartet die Shopbetreiber

15. August 2019
In diesem Teil der Shopware 6-Reihe werfen wir einen Blick darauf, wie Shopware 6 den Alltag eines jeden Shopbetreibers leichter macht und welche Möglichkeiten sich für die User eröffnen.

Why eBay and Amazon Sellers Should Make WooCommerce Their New Home

13. August 2019
If you have a successful storefront on eBay or Amazon, you might have thought about expanding to your own, standalone WooCommerce store. It may seem a bit overwhelming, especially after you’ve invested time and money into getting where you are...

eCommerce getriebene Geschäftsmodelle im IoT-Zeitalter

13. August 2019
Unser Enterprise Partner NEXUS United gibt Dir einen Einblick über IoT-getriebene Geschäftsmodelle und erklärt, welche Möglichkeiten sich mit Shopware 6 ergeben.

Shopware 5.6 ist da – das sind die neuen Features

12. August 2019
Shopware 5.6 ist da! Mit dem Release nähert sich Shopware 5 an Shopware 6 an. Technische Neuerungen, neue Key Features und Updates erwarten Dich.

API first – entdecke die Möglichkeiten mit unserer Core Architektur

12. August 2019
Du willst wissen, wie die API von Shopware 6 funktioniert und was Du alles damit machen kannst? Dann wird dieser Artikel dich interessieren.

E-Commerce Strategies And Tactics For The 2019 Holiday Season

8. August 2019
The holiday season is the most wonderful—and the most challenging—time of the year for e-commerce sites. Amid the gift-buying frenzy, the high-traffic season sees intense competition from other merchants, increased instances of cybercrime, and overwhelmed, busy, distracted shoppers.

Nonprofit Marketing Strategies to Increase Awareness and Raise Money for Your Cause

8. August 2019
Nonprofit marketing is, in many ways, no different than any other kind of marketing.  You must become known, continue to make yourself known, and give people something to care about that inspires them to take action. Whether that action is...

Shopware 6 Early Access: Alles zur neuen Plattform

8. August 2019
In der dreiteiligen Blogserie geben wir einen Einblick in die Neuerungen und vielfältigen Möglichkeiten von Shopware 6. Wir starten mit der Basis von Shopware 6: der Shopware Plattform.

B2B-E-Commerce: 6 Erfolgsfaktoren für den Start

8. August 2019
Der B2B eCommerce steckt in vielen Unternehmen noch in den Kinderschuhen. Doch um zukünftig weiter zu den Exportweltmeistern zu gehören, ist ein Umdenken notwendig. In diesem Blogbeitrag fassen wir die 6 essenziellen Schritte zur erfolgreichen E-Commerce-Strategie im B2B-Berei…

Create a Winning Customer Experience with these 5 eCommerce extensions

7. August 2019
Featured extensions from the Magento Marketplace team

How to Draw Attention to Your Online Store in a Crowded Marketplace

6. August 2019
7 Ways to Rise Above the Ocean of Competing Products Online sales in the age of Amazon can be tough for sellers of common products like candles, chocolates, and coffee. By devoting some extensive and uninterrupted planning time to your...

EuGH-Urteil zu Like-Buttons: Das müssen Shopbetreiber jetzt wissen

6. August 2019
Der Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) hat am vergangenen Montag eine für Shopbetreiber wichtige Grundsatzentscheidung zur Einbindung von Facebook Like-Buttons in die eigene Seite getroffen. Wir erklären Dir, worauf Du achten musst.

Inside Exploring the Power of Magento with Founder John Rampton

5. August 2019
How a move from Yahoo Stores helped build a $100 Million company

Why WooCommerce Stores Should Also Sell on Amazon and eBay

1. August 2019
It’s tempting to focus solely on your WooCommerce store rather than expand to other marketplaces.  You can retain control, connect with people who love your products, and not worry about additional fees and third parties. But you’re missing out!   Using...

Drive more sales with Pinterest for WooCommerce

1. August 2019
If Pinterest isn’t already part of your marketing playbook, you’re missing out on an opportunity to tap into a highly-engaged community. Over 250 million users log in each month, actively looking for inspiration and new ideas.  Pinterest for WooCommerce is...

Springlane goes Shopware 6 – was der Onlinehändler für die Zukunft plant

1. August 2019
Springlane ist eine der ersten Brands, die auf Shopware 6 setzen. Erfahre, welche Pläne das Unternehmen verfolgt und wie es sich noch stärker in den Alltag seiner User integrieren will.

Why U.S. Merchants Should Automate Sales Tax

31. Juli 2019
Want to spend more time managing your WooCommerce store, and overseeing day-to-day business, than handling taxes? The road to compliance need not be paved with bumps and setbacks. It can be as simple as syncing WooCommerce with a software solution...

How to Upsell and Cross-Sell Your Way to Higher Revenue with WooCommerce

30. Juli 2019
Your eCommerce store can gain revenue from two types of customers: New customers and existing customers. In both cases, you can dramatically increase sales by offering helpful and relevant product recommendations in the form of upsells or cross-sells.  What’s the...

Shopware 6 Early Access: Noch mehr Flexibilität für Deinen eCommerce-Erfolg

30. Juli 2019
In diesem Blogbeitrag fassen wir allen Informationen rund um Shopware 6 Early Access für Dich kompakt zusammen.

Magento Commerce Leads in Enterprise and Mid-market Editions of Paradigm B2B Combine Report

26. Juli 2019
Find out why we topped the list!

How to Prepare Your WooCommerce Store for a Surge of Customers

25. Juli 2019
A sudden surge in website traffic is every online store owner’s dream. If you’re already working to promote your site using social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and other marketing strategies, you’ve probably seen a steady growth in your traffic...

Interview mit Ken Hughes: KI und ihre Auswirkungen auf das Konsumverhalten

25. Juli 2019
Im Interview auf dem Shopware Community Day erklärt Ken Hughes das unterschiedliche Konsumverhalten der Generationen Y und Z. Dabei geht er auch auf KI und weitere Technologietrends ein.

How to Configure Multi-Currency in WooCommerce for Seamless International Transactions

23. Juli 2019
One of the biggest benefits of running an online store is the ability to serve customers across the world. It’s also an opportunity to set up your store to handle international transactions in the local currency. Do you have concerns about...

International wachsen – Grenzüberschreitende Zahlungen in Deinem Shop

23. Juli 2019
Du möchtest Dein Business international ausweiten und grenzüberschreitenden Handel betreiben? Hier erfährst Du, welche Steps nötig sind um Deinen Shopware Shop und Deine Zahlungsmethoden auch internationalen Kunden anzubieten.

How to Use Instagram to Make More Money for your Online Store

18. Juli 2019
Shoppable Posts Offer a Powerful Way to Connect Followers to Your WooCommerce Store Over one billion users log on to Instagram each month, and half of those use the popular image app every single day. With the addition of shoppable...

Studie: Abmahnungen bremsen Online-Händler aus

17. Juli 2019
Abmahnungen legen Online-Händlern Steine in den Weg, was die Abmahnstudie 2019 des Händlerbundes zeigt. Erfahre in diesem Blogbeitrag die Ergebnisse der Studie.

Four Questions Parts Sellers Should Consider Before Replatforming

16. Juli 2019
How to make sure you’ve checked all the boxes for your current needs as well as your expected requirements

Building for Accessibility: How to Make Sure Everyone Can Use Your Store

16. Juli 2019
As developers and online store owners, we often treat accessibility as a bonus.  But it’s really a requirement! Each piece of a website build should be considered from the perspective of all site visitors, no matter their age, capabilities, or...

Mobile Optimization Insights: Test, Test, Test

12. Juli 2019
Something Digital’s Caitlin Mekita shares her key takeaways from a panel discussion, Optimizing Mobile Conversion: 7 Surprising Results from a Magento Community Study.  

Pre-Launch Checklist: The Essentials

11. Juli 2019
Your website’s designed, you have all of your products created, and you’re ready to launch your eCommerce site.  But with how much work goes into launching a new online store, it can be easy to miss something.  Who knows, you...

7 Easy-to-Use Extensions to Boost eCommerce Sales Without Annoying Your Customers

9. Juli 2019
Increase Online Sales Through Strategic Upselling, Discounts, and Bundling It’s a lot easier to increase revenue from your existing customer base than it is to attract new customers. One way to do that is through upsells at the point of...

Gut verpackt: Lizenzero navigiert Onlinehändler durch das Verpackungsgesetz

9. Juli 2019
Seit 1. Januar 2019 gilt das Verpackungsgesetzt. Der Shopware Kunde Lizenzero verbindet das Notwendige mit einer simplen Customer Journey und hiflt so im Paragraphen Dschungel nicht den Überblick zu verlieren.

Einblicke in die Core Architektur von Shopware 6

5. Juli 2019
Durch den Einsatz modernster Technologien wie Symfony und Vue.js bietet Shopware 6 geringe Komplexität, modulare Anpassungsfähigkeit und gute Wartbarkeit. Erhaltet jetzt einen Einblick in die Core Architektur von Shopware 6.

How to Optimize Images to Speed Up Your Online Store

4. Juli 2019
People like fast sites; search engines like fast sites.  Everyone on the Internet likes fast-loading sites. Think about how you use the web:  If you’re specifically looking to purchase something, waiting even 10 seconds for a page to load can...

Shop Usability Award 2019 – Jetzt bewerben!

3. Juli 2019
Die Bewerbungsphase für den 12. Shop Usability Award ist gestartet und kommt mit einem spannenden, neuen Konzept daher. Bewirb Dich jetzt mit Deinem Shopware Shop!

Using the Art of Psychology to Write Product Descriptions that Increase Sales

2. Juli 2019
By the time a visitor finds your product, you’ve overcome one of the biggest hurdles for eCommerce store owners.  Out of all the millions of products, they’ve landed on yours!  But now they’re at a critical decision-making point, and it’s...

Umsätze steigern mit einer all-in-one Marketing Plattform

2. Juli 2019
Unser Technologiepartner Mailchimp erklärt Dir, wie Du Deinen Shop in wenigen Minuten “ automatisierungsbereit “ machst und welche Nachrichten an Deine Kunden einfach automatisiert werden können.

Tauche in die Technologie von Shopware 6 ein

1. Juli 2019
Beim Shopware Community Day 2019 wurden zum ersten Mal zwei Keynotes gleichzeitig gehalten: Tauche ein in die Technologie von Shopware 6 mit unserem Product Manager Daniel Nögel.

Make the Sale and Bring Them Back: 5 Tools to Reduce Cart Abandonment and Improve Customer Loyalty

28. Juni 2019
Without sales, it doesn’t really matter what your site traffic looks like – it’s just a metric. Sales are what bring in money and keep your business going! So How Do You Get More People To Buy? The post Make...

4 Tipps, wie Du mit einem effizienten Versandprozess Deine Conversion Rate st…

27. Juni 2019
Unser Shopware Partner SendCloud erklärt Dir im Gastartikel, wie Du mit einem effizienten Versandprozess Deine Conversion Rate steigerst.

Use Events and Wacky Holidays to Attract New and Returning Customers

26. Juni 2019
One of the best marketing strategies is simply having ‘news’ to share. A new and timely message leads people to turn their heads and give you their attention, even if just for a few moments. But how do you come...

Adobe Commerce Cloud Launches Headless Offering to Serve the High Customer Experience Needs of Enterprise Customers

26. Juni 2019
Businesses are eager to embrace new commerce channels and technologies to get closer to their customers and grow conversions. Now merchants of all sizes can react to changing customer needs at speed and scale.

Wie Du mit Pillar Pages Deine Website boostest

25. Juni 2019
Übersichtlich, strukturiert, leserfreundlich – das sind Pillar Pages. Und das Beste: Sie verhelfen Dir zu einem besonders hohen Google-Ranking.

5 Tipps, wie Du das Sommerloch effektiv nutzt

21. Juni 2019
Schon seit Mai werden wir mit sommerlichen Temperaturen verwöhnt. Wer hat da schon Lust online zu shoppen, wo man die Zeit doch auch am See oder beim BBQ etc. verbringen kann? Wie Du das Sommerloch trotzdem effektiv nutzt, verraten wir...

Braintree Integration for Progressive Web Apps with Magento Helps Merchants Quickly Expand Their Payment Experience

20. Juni 2019
From the very beginning, developer experience has been a priority for Magento in an effort to lower total cost of ownership and time to market. Progressive Web Apps give shoppers app-like, highly personalized cross-channel experiences that were once reserved for native...

DSGVO – Warum ein AV-Vertrag für Händler nötig ist

19. Juni 2019
Was genau sind personenbezogene Daten? Wann darf ich diese verarbeiten? Und wie muss ich meine Endkunden darüber informieren? Unser Partner Shipcloud gibt in folgendem Gastartikel Antworten auf diese Fragen.

Strong Interest in Amazon Sales Channel Ahead of Prime Day

18. Juni 2019
How Magento brands and merchants can optimize their Amazon Prime Day strategy

Magento Innovations Lab Round Five & Sneaks are Coming to MagentoLive Europe 2019

18. Juni 2019
A select number of innovations from this round will have the opportunity to present their solution LIVE on the keynote stage

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